Dr Walter Scott

Walter Scott
Hello! My name is Dr. Walter Scott and I’m a chiropractor. I’m from the Great Northwest. I was born in Tacoma and raised in Gig Harbor. I love the Northwest and specifically living on the Eastside! I look forward to raising a family here with my wife Nikki. Nikki and I are incredibly excited and humbled by the opportunity to be a part of the Redmond community!

We feel extremely privileged that Dr’s. Carl and Chelsea Moe chose us to take over the position of chiropractor and owner of “Tree of Life Chiropractic” here in Redmond. They worked tirelessly make sure Tree of Life is well “planted” here in Redmond and we intend to continue to work hard to make sure it flourishes, to make sure Redmond flourishes. We hope, and will work hard, to become a vital part of this community through love and service. Those two qualities are what we believe will move Redmond forward.


Over the last eleven plus years of being a chiropractor I feel as if I’m just scratching the surface of what I can bring to a community. The last two years have been most influential in self-discovery and what it means to be a servant, what it means to be a chiropractor.