Maternal Care –
Webster Technique

Chiropractic care for boosting pregnancy comfort and the health of mom and baby

The use of chiropractic care during pregnancy has been gaining popularity over the past two decades. Pregnancy presents with unique pelvic dysfunction symptoms secondary to hormonal changes that increase laxity. Pairing these changes in laxity with gradually increasing pressure (and weight) from a growing baby and uterus can result in a lot of discomfort during pregnancy and even difficulties with labor.

The Webster Technique was specifically designed for chiropractors to properly analyze and treat dysfunction of the sacroiliac joints (SI joints), particularly in pregnant women. The SI joints are part of the pelvis complex, located under our back dimples where the large pelvic bones meet the triangular sacral bone. Treatment is initiated with a thorough analysis and appropriate adjustments that are safe for pregnancy and beyond.

Ultimately, this technique helps facilitate optimal positioning for the baby during childbirth, reducing unnecessary pain and interventions due to a difficult labor. It has been indicated for helping breech babies assume the correct head down position prior to initiation of uterine contractions during active labor. This has been correlated with a lower risk of dystocia, otherwise known as a difficult birth, by facilitating optimal uterine function and baby positioning.

Dr. Walter Scott is certified in the Webster Technique and ready to help you have the best possible pregnancy and childbirth. Giving birth is a life-changing experience that shouldn’t be shadowed by unnecessary difficulties and concerns that could possibly be prevented with proper preparation.

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