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Usually, traditional medicine and chiropractic care are centered around temporary pain relief. However, the bigger picture is often neglected. When the underlying WHY isn’t addressed, it can lead to a frustrating cycle of on and off symptoms such as tingling, numbness, low energy, trouble concentrating, and pain.

Alternatively, corrective care- particularly when using the Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) technique- is based on getting to the true cause of pain and dysfunction. This is done by assessing the spine as an interconnected system. When the primary focus is on restoring optimal spine structure, this equates to both short term and lasting relief.

CBP is an advanced, science-based and highly reputable technique that focuses on correcting and restoring proper spine alignment. Once the source of malalignment is identified via an in-depth examination, an appropriate plan can be designed and prescribed. Most often, this involves a combination of adjustments, spine remodeling, an exercise program, and recommended lifestyle changes for optimizing spine health and overall general health.

The outcomes for patients that undergo corrective chiropractic care are often far beyond symptom resolution as they realize their true health potential. With CBP care, symptom relief for common issues like neck pain, headaches, and back pain is most often more long-term in nature, or even permanent. Plus, other general health symptoms will also often resolve with this holistic approach, including fatigue, digestion, immunity and breathing problems.

Redmond Roots in Redmond, WA is committed to bringing you the cutting-edge research based techniques of CBP, fused with long-standing effective traditional methods. This fusion will help you attain the best possible results for the foreseeable future.

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