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We are committed to restoring your health from the bottom up with a holistic focus. It’s time to trade in pain, discomfort, and other dysfunction for a life that radiates true health. Rather than focusing on being disease or symptom free, we take your care one step further to help you reach your life’s true God given potential. Our desire to tap into your true health capabilities is exactly why we offer a variety of holistic options at our wellness center that will fit your needs and goals.

At Redmond Roots Chiropractic, we offer devoted patient centered care that addresses and eliminates the underlying causes of your pain and other health complaints. Our dedicated staff supports your chiropractic care to encourage any necessary lifestyle changes that will optimize your health on every level. You may walk in expecting short term relief, but you will most likely leave feeling your absolute best and armed with the tools to stay as healthy as possible.

Dr. Walter Scott’s holistic chiropractic care combined with the resources provided at our health and wellness center, The Tree of Life, will expedite your results.

Come in to rediscover what true health feels like or simply get help feeling better aligned with your goals and dreams. We are here to provide you with the most effective non-invasive techniques available today.

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Dr. Walt Scott, D.C.

Hello! My name is Dr. Walter Scott and I’m proud to say that I’m a chiropractor. I’m from the Great Northwest. I was born in Tacoma and raised in Gig Harbor. I love all that the great state of Washington has to offer. My wife Nikki and I live close by in Kirkland where we are raising our two boys. Michael, born in June of 2018, is our oldest, and our second boy is Nathaniel, born in December 2020. Oh…and I can’t forget about our other boy, our English Cream Retriever Quincy! Needless to say, we have our hands full. I wouldn’t trade my family, my practice, my life for the world!

I graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2005. After many years working as an Associate Chiropractor for other doctors here in Washington and in Colorado, the opportunity came to purchase this practice in Redmond. “Redmond Roots Chiropractic” is formerly known as “Tree of Life Chiropractic.” With all the growth in Redmond, the building we were occupying on Redmond Way was being torn down and so we moved to this current location in late 2019. We absolutely LOVE our new surroundings. With the change of scenery, we thought it only right to change the name as well. REDMOND ROOTS CHIROPRACTIC was born.

The thought of being “Rooted” in our beloved Redmond Community as well as the idea of getting to the “Root” of the problem, made the name fit just right. I specialize in postural rehabilitation. Employing the highly specified, highly researched, highly published technique of Chiropractic Biophysics of Posture (CBP) equips me with the best way to create structural change. Structural (postural) improvements can not only allow a person to move and feel better, but also function better. Sharing this is my passion. God Bless.


Savanna Jordin

Hello! My name is Savanna Jordin! I have always had a deep love for health and fitness and was thrilled to find Dr. Scott when I did. Chiropractic Healing has helped me feel more energized and focused. Allowing me more time for the things I love. I am so thankful I get to help others and be a part of their health journey. Cheers!

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